Tuesday, January 03, 2006



thank you, fiona.


deakin said...

hey! sounds like you do really happy wor! ^^
btw, happy belated new year and late late merry christmas arh! haha! ^^

Amanda said...

hey.. I'm planning my summer holiday and I really want to go to japan for the first time~ but I know nothing .. that's when Vivien comes into my head.. =) I was wonderin if you can tell me about basic things I should know about going to Japan! I have no idea how to prepare.. sigh*
well.. at least I can see you on saturday!

fiona said...

dear vivien,
i just want to see you happy. i'm so sorry that i was not able to be with you all the time. but trust me (or maybe you won't, or won't understand), you're always on my mind. that's why when my friend was talking about this toy, i thought of you and i tried my best to find it. it actually get through a few places and a couple people before i can get it. your smile is the best present for me. a new year, a new perspective, i hope that we can always sit together and chat "sky and ground". i'm busy teaching now, so busy ....being a teacher is not easy.