Thursday, March 31, 2005

something to read

a very touching diary entry by a pregnant writer, i would like all you guys and girls to read.



Ma Lau said...

nice story

i guess the main argument is future versus present. some people thinks present happiness is more important because we do not know if we'll see the daylight of tomorrow. let future worry about itself. this is certainly against the traditional view of planning for a better future (which includes planning for future generations). personally i'm an advocate for future planning, but i have yet to find a solid enough argument to pursuade the followers of present happiness to change their ways.

viv said...



Ma Lau said...

oh is that story by the same author(s)? didn't know that tim...

i heard about the book 交換日記 from both you and Billy la... just haven't had time/determination to start reading it... (i know it's a long series... [maybe up to 10 now?] and will take up a lot of tim once i start reading it... and i'm the type that likes to start from the beginning... ^_^")