Friday, April 01, 2005


很想要一部小衣車,可以隨時收起來那種,輕輕的可以自己提,但不要用筆芯電的,要不然我會買電買到破產。最好可以車zig-zag邊的,而且靴前有小燈泡。可以用來造小禮物和scrapbook pages。在ebay找了很久,有很平宜而且樣子可愛的,但郵費卻貴得嚇人,比起小衣車本身貴三至四倍!值不值得呢?

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Ma Lau said...

sometimes people already include part of the product's cost in the shipping cost, so that they can fool people into thinking the thing is so cheap

if the deadline is not soon, then try to look around in some local stores sin la...