Tuesday, May 12, 2009


出發去日本之前 先完成兩本custom made album
Baby girl的這本 封面的做得很滿意 紫色看著很舒服
SpotLight是位於九龍灣MegaBox內的一間澳洲大型craft store
有不少scrapbooking material賣
可是離我家遠得很 地鐵轉shuttle bus
單程要一個小時 跟郊遊差不了多少

續行續行行得十分仔細 敗了幾百元



P.S. 兩本album的照片都放在yahoo blog上 有空歡迎參觀~~


amandamui. said...

when I'm in hk.. I'm always in 九龍灣~ but it's been too long since I've been back..haven't been to MegaBox =_=` the album so pretty!!

fasalo said...

haha before i moved to canada i used to live in ngau tau kok and often go to telford gardens... last night my primary school classmates took me to megabox and it was the first time i've been there! the area there changed so much...

anyway, MY POINT IS... my primary school classmate told me: if you walk to megabox it will take 10 min, but if you take the shuttle bus, it will take you 20 min~

viv said...

MegaBox is....MEGA! so big it doesn't feel "HK" at all! but it's not like North America neither...don't know what it is.. kekee
yah, i know you will like it, it's purple! haha

A common frd of ours told me that everytime she goes to MegaBox, she walks!
and i will be going with her today, for the sale! yah~