Friday, December 02, 2005

what did i do wrong?

"the phone rang" the operator said.
but i was in the studio recording, so i don't even know who called.
and now i can't sleep.
who was it?
what went wrong?
did i say something wrong?
was it numbers again?
yeah... prob. the "hundred of thousands" part...
i must have said something wrong.
but what is it?
whhat is it?
i can't sleep.


deakin said...

everything happen for a reason, but if can't find the reason, just let it happen ^^

Amanda said...

05年十大正事-林海峰發花癲! =D
did you listen to it?

viv said...

where? tell me tell me...

Amanda said...


You better see this and go listen to it in time.. because it's the last one on the list right now!

fiona said...

i went up here last time and it was down ... so i thought was down ... anyways .... when can i see you before christmas? i want to give you present ar !!! chill out, you're doing a good job as the news reporter. ... don't stress out urself too much !

viv said...

Amanda, thank you! i listened to it right before it was deleted =P

Ma Lau said...

Posted 8/30/2005 at 1:08 AM by vivien244

remember this? :P
i finally "had time" to reply lu!